I just wanna make you cum, make you breakfast, and make you happy.

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Jamin’s Downtown Disney Proposal (OFFICIAL)

Here’s the video that started it all and continues to inspire people every single day.

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that dog is more photogenic than most teenager girls like it makes me so happy but at the same time so anGRY WHY IS IT SO PRETTY

because its happy

This makes me so happy. Reminds me of my Uncle’s dog. Lol

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I was in my A Level Psychology class yesterday and we were learning about Pavlov and laughing about how stupid those dogs were.

Anyway, then the bell went and we all went for lunch.

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Truuue haha

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The man’s best friend!

Literally nothing better than the love you receive from a dog.

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I miss sleeping with you.


I miss sleeping with you.

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The cultures which inspired Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Air Nomads - The Monasteries of Tibet
  • Water Tribe - The Inuit
  • Earth Kingdom - Imperial China
  • Fire Nation - Pre-Meiji Japan
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We all love someone way too fucking much.

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why is it that were always told not to get tattoos at a young age because we “will regret it later on” when we are basically told to choose a career path by age 18? i’d rather be 40 years old with a tattoo that meant something to me when i was young than be 40 years old not wanting to get out of bed to go to a job that i hate because i was forced to decide on a career in my teens (via spearmintx)

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"how did you lose your virginity?"



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